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    AGF.B   CA0010921058


Verzögert Toronto Stock Exchange  -  25/05 22:00:00
6.600 CAD   +1.23%
07.04.AGF MANAGEMENT LIMITED : Ex-Dividende Tag
30.03.AGF Management meldet höheren Gewinn im 1. Quartal, geringeren Umsatz und erhöht die Quartalsdividende
30.03.AGF Management Limited beschließt Dividende für das erste Quartal 2022, zahlbar am 20. April 2022
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24.05.Une étude démontre que les investisseurs institutionnels canadiens optent pour de nouve..
24.05.New Study Shows Canadian Institutional Investors Embracing New Areas of Fixed Income in..
05.05.AGF déclare le total de son actif géré et de ses actifs donnant droit à des commissions..
05.05.AGF Reports April 2022 Assets Under Management and Fee-Earning Assets
27.04.AGF annonce un changement de niveau de risque pour le Fonds É.-U. petite et moyenne cap..
27.04.AGF Announces Risk Rating Change for AGF U.S. Small-Mid Cap Fund
26.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Positioning a Portfolio for More Volatility Ahead
26.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : A Pendulum Shift in Washington on Energy Policy; Trump and Twitter
25.04.AGF MANAGEMENT BRIEF : Cut To Underperform at RBC With Price Target of $8 Per Share at RBC..
25.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Some Reasons for Optimism
22.04.THE BIDEN AGENDA : What Initiatives Still Have a Chance?
21.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : The Washington Controversy Over Age Limits; Macron Appears Headed to Vict..
20.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Russia's Morale Problems Are Growing — On the Battlefield and Back ..
19.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Managing Heightened Market Volatility
19.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : November Disaster Looms for Democrats as Joe Biden's Numbers Plunge
19.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Gérer les effets d'une volatilité accrue sur les marchés
18.04.AGF : Celebrating 65 Years
18.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Several Big Developments Over the Long Holiday Weekend
14.04.IN THE DOGHOUSE OVER UKRAINIAN SANCT : China, India, Israel, Germany
13.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Did Inflation Peak Yesterday? Possibly, but It Will Stay Elevated
12.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Joe Biden, Grasping at Straws
11.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Inflation Could Look Even Worse This Week; Russia Still Has Logistical Is..
08.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Ukraine Can Win the Next Round
07.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Immigration Back as a Hot-Button Issue, Stalls Covid Bill
06.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : It's an Election Year — White House to Extend Student Loan Moratori..
05.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : déclare le total de son actif géré et de ses actifs donnant droit à des c..
05.04.AGF MANAGEMENT BRIEF : Reported Total Assets Under Management and Fee Earning Assets of $4..
05.04.AGF Reports March 2022 Assets Under Management and Fee-Earning Assets
05.04.AGF déclare le total de son actif géré et de ses actifs donnant droit à des commissions..
05.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Fade the Market Correction, but for How Long?
05.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : How Russian Atrocities Will Alter the War
05.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Estomper la correction du marché, mais pour combien de temps?
04.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : What Are the Chances? We Handicap the Key Issues
01.04.AGF MANAGEMENT : Revisiting the Threat of an Inverted Yield Curve
31.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Joe Biden is Looking Like a One-Term President
30.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Canadian Stocks in Context
30.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Inflation Everywhere? In Asia, Not So Much Yet
30.03.TRANSCRIPT : AGF Management Limited, Q1 2022 Earnings Call, Mar 30, 2022
30.03.AGF Management Reports Higher Fiscal Q1 Profit, Lower Net Sales; Increases Quarterly Di..
30.03.La Société de Gestion AGF Limitée annonce ses résultats financiers pour le premier trim..
30.03.La Société de Gestion AGF Limitée déclare un dividende pour le premier trimestre de 202..
30.03.AGF MANAGEMENT BRIEF : Reported Q1 Diluted EPS of $0.18; Announces Increase in quarterly d..
30.03.AGF Management Limited Reports First Quarter 2022 Financial Results
30.03.AGF Management Limited Declares First Quarter 2022 Dividend
30.03.AGF Management Limited Declares First Quarter Dividend of 2022, Payable on April 20, 20..
30.03.AGF Management Limited Reports Earnings Results for the First Quarter Ended February 28..
30.03.TRANCHE UPDATE ON AGF MANAGEMENT LIM : AGF.B)'s Equity Buyback Plan announced on February ..
30.03.TRANCHE UPDATE ON AGF MANAGEMENT LIM : AGF.B)'s Equity Buyback Plan announced on February ..
30.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Biden's Tax Plan is Already in Trouble; Canada's Export Boom
30.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Mise en contexte des actions canadiennes
29.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : The Ukrainian Counter-Offensive; Biden Surrenders on Domestic Agenda
28.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : A Weekend to Remember — the Biden Gaffe Plus Tax Hikes are Back on ..
25.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Russia's Missiles Aren't Working; The Putin Succession Plan
24.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Biden to Play the Natural Gas Card; Explosive Allegations From Trump Ally
23.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : What About the Russian Generals?
22.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Putin's Very Scary Weapons
22.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Gvalliereiesb@yahoo.com
22.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : La fixation des prix en période de baisse
21.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Neither Putin Nor Zelinsky Are Ready for a Deal
17.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Are High Energy Prices Here to Stay?
17.03.AGF annonce les distributions en espèces de mars 2022 pour certains FNB AGF
17.03.AGF Announces March 2022 Cash Distributions for Certain AGF ETFs
17.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : What a Ukrainian Peace Deal Might Look Like
17.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Les prix élevés de l'énergie sont-ils installés pour de bon?
16.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Who Can Say No to Volodymyr Zelensky?
15.03.QUANTITATIVE TIGHTENING : The Potent but Underappreciated Sister of Interest Rate Hikes
15.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Who, Us? China Denies Helping Russia; Joe Manchin Infuriates Democrats &m..
15.03.RESSERREMENT QUANTITATIF  : corollaire puissant, mais sous-estimé, d'une hausse des taux d..
14.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : A Crucial Day Ahead as Negotiations Intensify
11.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : What About China? Plus, a Russian Default Looms
10.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Inching Toward Peace — What a Deal Might Look Like
09.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : Debate Heats Up on Gasoline Rebates/Vouchers
08.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : The Biggest Surprise of the War — Russia's Inept Military
07.03.AGF Management Limited to Release First Quarter 2022 Financial Results on March 30, 202..
07.03.AGF MANAGEMENT : New Polls Show Unity on Ukraine, Support Rising for Joe Biden
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