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Original-Research: dynaCERT Inc (von GBC AG): BUY

09.12.2019 | 09:33


Original-Research: dynaCERT Inc - von GBC AG

Einstufung von GBC AG zu dynaCERT Inc

Unternehmen: dynaCERT Inc
ISIN: CA26780A1084

Anlass der Studie: Research Note
Empfehlung: BUY
Kursziel: 2.00 CAD
Kursziel auf Sicht von: 31.12.2020
Letzte Ratingänderung: -
Analyst: Julien Desrosiers, Matthias Greiffenberger

Q3 Results published. Important European partnership with MOSOLF won. Star
investor and billionaire Eric Sprott acquires around 9% of dynaCERT; price
target raised to CAD 2.00 (previously: CAD 1.90), rating: Buy
In the first nine months of 2019, revenues of CAD 0.21 million (previous
year: CAD 0.07 million) were generated. The net result amounted to CAD
-7.32 million (previous year: CAD -6.37 million).
Partnership with MOSOLF
With MOSOLF, the company was able to win another strategic partner. MOSOLF
is one of the leading system service providers for the automotive industry
in Europe. Its range of services includes logistics, technology and service
solutions implemented with the help of a Europe-wide location network and a
multimodal transport fleet. MOSOLF has 38 technical and logistics centers,
1,000 special vehicle transporters and achieved a turnover of  417 million
in 2018.
MOSOLF has already ordered 1,000 dynaCERT HydraGEN units for the year 2020
and will also serve the European market as a dealer. MOSOLF and its
subsidiaries plan to become dealers and installers of HydraGEN products in
Central Europe. As part of the cooperation, negotiations have also begun
for a joint venture in which MOSOLF and dynaCERT will jointly develop,
finance and certify the HydraGEN technology for the European passenger car
market. We see extensive market potential in this cooperation. This could
make the European roll-out even more dynamic.
As soon as the MOSOLF Group has installed the HydraGEN technology in its
own vehicles and achieves better fuel efficiency than the competition, then
the market rollout in Europe should accelerate significantly.
The close cooperation between dynaCERT and MOSOLF is also clearly
demonstrated by the accession of Dr. Jörg MOSOLF (CEO of MOSOLF) to the
Advisory Board of dynaCERT. In addition, Dr. Jörg MOSOLF is well connected
in the German logistics industry, including being elected President of the
German Transport Forum (DVF). This could lead to further important contacts
for dynaCERT.
Furthermore, the dynaCERT technology was approved according to a formal
risk assessment by TES (Total Equipment Services Inc.), enabling its use in
underground mining in Canada. Here dynaCERT was again able to show that the
technology meets high safety standards even under strict conditions, which
increases the addressable market for dynaCERT.
In addition, the company was granted another US patent on September 3, 2019
(No. 10,400,687 - 'Management System and Method for Regulating the
On-Demand Electrolytic Production of Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas for Injection
in a Combustion Engine'). The patent relates to the Smart ECU system, which
can reduce pollutant emissions by regulating the amount of gas and at the
same time improve the performance of the combustion engine. We regard the
patent as an important step to protect the market for dynaCERT in its
growth phase from a possible competition.
Star investor and billionaire Eric Sprott joins the company
In addition, Eric Sprott is now one of the major shareholders of dynaCERT.
Billionaire Eric Sprott is one of Canada's best-known commodity investors,
and his commitment to dynaCERT should have raised public awareness of the
Eric Sprott subscribed for shares with a total gross proceeds value of CAD
14.00 million. 28 million shares were issued at a price of 0.50 CAD. In
addition, the investor received half a warrant per share. The strike price
of the warrants is CAD 0.65 and can be exercised from 26th of November
2021. The warrants are linked to certain further conditions if the share
price exceeds CAD 0.80 for an extended period of time.
As a result of this transaction, Eric Sprott now holds approximately 9.12%
of the undiluted company, or 12.85% upon exercising of his warrants.
Our sales estimates are based on the assumption that the dynaCERT
technology will be adopted by the market as quickly as previously
aerodynamic side skirts. For our valuation, we have assumed a market
penetration rate of 50% after seven years, which, in our opinion, is a
conservative scenario. Since dynaCERT is protected by patents and the
technology has very high entry barriers - not only through research and
development, but also through the necessary certification - we expect that
it will be extremely difficult for other companies to offer equivalent
products in the short and medium term.
We assume that dynaCERT will achieve considerable sales increases in the
coming years. By the end of 2019, the company is expected to have sold 740
units with total sales of CAD 4.62 million and a gross profit margin of
However, the sales forecast for the current year 2019 will not yet be
sufficient to generate profits and we believe the loss will amount to CAD
16.67 million. This investment phase is based on extensive research and
development activities and regulatory approval for emissions trading, which
will be essential for the third phase of product development. Research and
development expenditures are approximately CAD 5 million per year. We
assume that this figure will gradually increase in the course of the
product successes. In addition, the company is currently setting up a
global sales network, which entails corresponding costs. With the
finalization of a solid sales network, the corresponding expenses should
also decrease.
The company has a production plant in Canada that can produce more than
12,000 units per month, when it reaches full capacity. This corresponds to
an annual production of 144,000 units. At an average selling price of over
6,000 CAD, the plant could generate annual sales of around 850 million CAD
at full capacity. We expect the company to open assembly plants in the next
three years as a joint venture with local offices in Europe, Mexico and
Asia. As these sites will only be assembly plants and external partners for
product installation, the company should only need comparatively small
investments to achieve the sales growth we forecast.
Since the company has already hired many of its key employees required for
the next growth phase, it is not to be expected that personnel expenses
will increase proportionally to sales. If successful, dynaCERT could reach
the profit zone within the next three years and the net margins should
increase significantly in the following years.
We also believe that, once the adoption rate for HydraGEN exceeds 30%,
another important source of income will be added: carbon credits. With its
second separate product in the final phase, dynaCERT should be in a
position to introduce the emission allowance program within a few quarters
and generate additional revenue.
As already mentioned, there is currently no known competitor on the market
which could allow fuel savings and at the same time produce emission
certificates. Within a few years, the revenue from emission certificates
could exceed the revenue from the sale of HydraGEN equipment. This way it
would make the sale of HydraGEN independent from the oil price. This carbon
credit business could generate an annual turnover of CAD 500 to 1 billion
in the future (depending on the CO2 price). However, we have not yet taken
this potential source of income from emissions trading into account in our
DCF model.
The company has successfully developed a number of products that can
function as a stand-alone ecosystem for the transportation industry,
including emission reduction, fuel efficiency and a fleet management
solution. In addition, the customer will benefit from a stable source of
revenue in the future through the emission certificate program. Each
product alone is unique. In our opinion, dynaCERT is currently
significantly undervalued and we raise the price target to CAD 2.00
(previously CAD 1.90). Against the background of the high upside potential,
we give a Buy rating.

Die vollständige Analyse können Sie hier downloaden:

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