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Verzögert Nasdaq Helsinki  -  17:29 01.12.2022
8.284 EUR   +0.56%
29.11.Wärtsilä erhält Auftrag für Re-Power eines brasilianischen Schiffes
28.11.Wärtsilä kooperiert mit Hycamite zur Produktion von Wasserstoff aus LNG an Bord von Schiffen
15.11.Wärtsilä Oyj Abp kündigt Änderungen in der Geschäftsführung an
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19:14Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä to act as system integrator for Binary Marine Installation Solutio..
30.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Maladaptation – when our response to climate change goes wrong
29.11.Wärtsilä Receives Order to Re-Power Brazilian Vessel
28.11.Wärtsilä Partners With Hycamite To Produce Hydrogen From LNG Onboard Marine Vessels
28.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä partners with cleantech start-up Hycamite to jointly develop techn..
23.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Is carbon tech the key to a brighter future?
22.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : No more mysteries about marine biofuels – your top six questions answ..
22.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Main messages from the Q4 2022 mid-quarter call
21.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Stepping up to decarbonise the maritime industry
16.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Short Sea Shipping - A Smart Propulsion System
15.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Carisbrooke Shipping significantly reduces CO2 emissions with Wärtsilä's fl..
15.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Bring in the Energy
15.11.Wärtsilä Energy business President Sushil Purohit to leave Wärtsilä in November
15.11.Wärtsilä Oyj Abp Announces Executive Changes
14.11.Transcript : Wärtsilä Oyj Abp - Special Call
14.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä brings its carbon neutrality commitment to ABB's Energy Efficiency..
14.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : The US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has set a new benchmark for clean en..
10.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Unsure about CII compliance? Here's how energy saving technologies can help
09.11.Wärtsilä Releases Next-Generation Grid Balancing Engine Solution Wärtsilä 31SG Balancer..
08.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä & US partners succeed with world's first-of-its-kind power plant f..
07.11.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä a key partner in evolution of the Maldives
31.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Rethinking Energy in Southeast Asia
28.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Roadshow presentation November 2022
27.10.Green Energy - Nigeria Requires $425bn to Meet Needs in 2060 - Report
26.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : COP27 provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lay foundations for Af..
25.10.Transcript : Wärtsilä Oyj Abp, Q3 2022 Earnings Call, Oct 25, 2022
25.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Key messages and Q&A on Interim report January-September 2022
25.10.Wärtsilä Oyj Abp Reports Earnings Results for the Third Quarter and Nine Months Ended S..
25.10.Wärtsilä's Interim Report January-September 2022
24.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä to provide electrical package and systems integration for German r..
20.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä, Carnival Corporation and GoodFuels partner in 100% biofuel tests
19.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä completes three EPC projects to Brazil in record time – enab..
19.10.Mitigating Long-term Environmental R : the crucial role of corporations
18.10.Notification In Accordance With The : BlackRock, Inc.'s holding in Wärtsilä Corporation
18.10.Wärtsilä Receives Order For Biogas Solution In Sweden
18.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä continues to speed energy transition with biogas upgrading and liq..
17.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Five ways the Wärtsilä 46TS-DF helps you decarbonise now and in the future
17.10.Wärtsilä to Combine Voyage, Marine Power Units to Boost Lifecycle Services
17.10.Wärtsilä to integrate Voyage business with Marine Power to strengthen end-to-end offeri..
13.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Gas conversions accelerate Brazil's journey towards decarbonisation
13.10.Wärtsilä to Install Gas-fueled Engines at Japanese Power Plant
13.10.Wärtsilä Receives Order For Gas-fueled Engines For Japanese Power Plant
11.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : How to improve your CII rating with energy saving technologies
11.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä's Interim report January-September 2022 to be published 25 October..
10.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Summary of the Q3 2022 Pre-silent call
07.10.Wärtsilä Completes Construction of Dutch Energy Storage System
07.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä reaching final commissioning for Netherland's largest energy stora..
05.10.Wärtsilä Teams Up with Capital Gas Ship Management for Fleet Decarbonization
05.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : How will the Great Resignation impact the future of work?
05.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä and Capital Gas to partner in greenhouse gas reduction with Fleet ..
04.10.Wärtsilä Wins Contract To Deliver Bio-LNG Plant For Latvia's Agrofirma Tervete
04.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä to provide Latvian company with biogas upgrading and liquefaction ..
04.10.Wärtsilä Oyj : Netherlands – a small giant in energy storage
03.10.Wärtsilä Wins Order to Upgrade Power Plant for Nevada Gold Mines
03.10.Bolsa de Madrid: Bye-bye Septiembre
03.10.Bye-bye Septembre
03.10.Avis d'analystes du jour : TotalEnergies, Michelin, Air France-..
30.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Roadshow presentation September 2022
30.09.Transcript : Wärtsilä Oyj Abp - Special Call
29.09.Wärtsilä Teams Up With Brazil's CBO to Decarbonize Offshore Support Vessels
29.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Brazil's CBO Group and Wärtsilä sign Decarbonisation Service agreement to s..
29.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Creating the future – the next steps in power systems
27.09.Record and payment dates for Wärtsilä's second dividend instalment
27.09.Wärtsilä Corporation Approves Dividend for the Financial Period Ended 31 December 2021,..
26.09.Wärtsilä to 10 MW Supply Energy Storage Systems in Cayman Islands
23.09.President of Energy business Sushil Purohit to leave Wärtsilä
23.09.Wärtsilä Announces Resignation of Sushil Purohit as President of the Energy Business, E..
22.09.Savosolar Up 12% As Unit Signs Deal to Develop Green Ammonia-Powered Cargo
21.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : The alchemy of effective compliance
20.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : DFDS deploys Wärtsilä's SPECS technology onboard Selandia Seaways for enhan..
14.09.Wärtsilä's Report Shows : Southeast Asian countries can smoothly transition to net zero by..
13.09.Wärtsilä to Supply Propulsion Systems for Four Fishing Vessels Under Construction in De..
13.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä's strength in fishing vessel sector enhanced with propulsion order..
12.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Roadshow presentation September 2022
12.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Orders for Wärtsilä engines meeting China's C2 environmental standard empha..
08.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Work that matters
08.09.Wärtsilä Inks Two-year Service Agreement For Six Biogas Plants In Denmark
08.09.Wärtsilä Ties Up with CLdN on Hybrid Design for RoRo Vessels Under Construction
08.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä and CLdN cooperate in building of innovative hybrid RoRo vessels
07.09.Wärtsilä Launches New Maritime Engine With Minimum Emissions
07.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Launch of Wärtsilä 25 engine paves the way towards maritime decarbonisation
07.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : How Wärtsilä is leading the marine ecosystem towards zero emissions
06.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä unveils AHTI innovation vessel, creating a seaborne test centre fo..
05.09.Wärtsilä To Deliver Advanced Thruster Solution In China
05.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä propulsion solution selected for sustainable new hybrid tug
03.09.Wärtsilä Oyj Abp's Equity Buyback announced on April 27, 2021 has expired.
02.09.Wärtsilä, Maersk Unveil System to Avoid Corrosion of Scrubber Discharge Pipes
01.09.Wärtsilä To Supply Engines For Two Articulated Tug Barges In Brazil
01.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä engines selected for new Articulated Tug Barges as Brazilian opera..
01.09.Wärtsilä Oyj : The Global Shift to Renewable Energy — How collaboration between comp..
31.08.Wärtsilä Wins Contract For Ferry Propulsion System
31.08.Wärtsilä Oyj : Wärtsilä to supply propulsion package for world's largest aluminium catamar..
30.08.Wärtsilä's Dive Against Debris 2022 : Volunteer divers cleaned up garbage from the sea in ..
30.08.Finland's Wärtsilä Wins Three-year Renewal for Maintenance Contract in Timor-Leste
29.08.Wärtsilä Oyj : Main messages from the Q3 2022 mid-quarter call
25.08.Wärtsilä Oyj : How do we build the energy system of the future?
24.08.Wärtsilä Oyj : Hydrogen – Fuel for thought in our Q&A
24.08.Wärtsilä Oyj : Nature's path to sustainability
23.08.Wärtsilä Oyj : Roadshow presentation August 2022
23.08.Wartsila Unit Wins Contract To Digitalize 21 UK Ports
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